Client Portal

Client Portal

To see how the client portal works, please watch this short video:

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    • Client Reports and Client Record Exports

      The best way to generate client reports is to use the client search screen.   On the Client Search screen, use the filters to get the data you want about a client, then click the "Search" button. The list of clients you selected will be displayed ...
    • Client Record Configurations

      Client Administration allows you to customize client records in Clarity as well as manage content viewable by clients.  Client tags, phone types, delivery types can be customized in the system .  You can also make worksheets and other useful files ...
    • Adding new clients

      To see how to add a new client in Clarity, please watch this short video.
    • V 15.0 Release Notes (2023)

      Release 15.0 Release date: May 2023 Release 15.0 includes enhancements to both the firm side of the software and to the client portal. Please see the videos below for more detailed information about the enhancements of each. Firm Side updates: File ...
    • Client Level Files

      Client level files are files you want to share with your client, but do not belong a particular project.  For example, you may wan to upload client information sheet that has information that is relevant to all projects.   To upload files at the ...