Creating Questionnaire

Creating Questionnaire

Creating questionnaires in projects is a great way to get your clients to answer questions and document the answers in a project. 

To expedite the process of creating questionnaires, it is recommended that you add common questions to your questionnaire templates in project types - see Creating Question Templates

Here is how to create a questionnaire in a project 

  1. On the project you want to create a questionnaire, click on the "Q&A" Tab, then click on "Add New Questionnaire"

  1. Once you get the Questionnaire screen (see below), type in the name for the questionnaire, then click on "Save Questionnaire"

  1. Now that you have the questionnaire saved you can start adding questions.  To do that, click on the "Add questions from template" or "Add Custom Questions"
  2. if you are adding question from a template, a window will pop up with questions your previously created in the project types  
  3. Select the questions you want to add and the questions you selected will be showed in the "Selected Questions" section of the questionnaire
  4. You can also add custom questions that were not in the template by clicking on "Add Custom Questions"
  5. Once you are done with adding questions, you will see a list as shown below. 
  6. To reorder any the question click and drag the 

  1. Once you are satisfied with the questions and you are ready to send the questionnaire to the client, click on the green save button

  1. The client will get a notification to answer the questions and when they are done you will get a notification that they are done.

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