V 9.0 Release Notes (2017)

V 9.0 Release Notes (2017)

Release 9.5

  • Site Security Enhancements

Release 9.1

  • Fixed issues with calculations on the Corporate Dashboard
  • Enhance client questionnaire interface
  • Provide the option to display project admin tasks to clients
  • User Interface Enhancements

Release 9.07

  • Enhanced Questionnaire page for Clients - When questions are answered, a green check mark will be displayed to the right of the answer box, otherwise a yellow question mark is indicated
  • Added a setting to allow firms to choose if their clients are allowed to create their own projects
  • Enhanced  the view when a client deletes a file.  If a file is deleted, the file name is crossed out and who and when the file was deleted the file is indicated.  Clients can only see their own deleted files.  Files posted by company and then deleted will not be displayed to the client at all
  • Fixed issue related to the project workflow.  Staff members will no longer be able to unassign the current workflow step. if you want to unassign a step, you must undo last step first.

Release 9.06

  • Limited the list of Overdue tasks to show only the next workflow step that is active
  • Fixed an issue with projects not showing up in the client record if the project does not have a status
  • Enhanced the Overdue and Upcoming tasks list so that the view does not collapse after a user clicks on the checkbox

Release 9.05

  • Enhanced Client User Accounts functionality to simplify client user account management
  • Added "My Notifications" page to display a complete list of notifications for a user with ability to sort by the column headings
  • Removed notifications when clients download files
  • Enhanced My Dashboard Notification behavior
  • Fixed issues related to Notifications
  • Admin Module - Worksheets - provided ability to toggle between active files and deleted files
  • Removed status column for invoices on the client record
  • Fixed issue with notes box adding extra line spacing when editing the notes
  • Added ability for staff members to view the "Review Notes" tab
  • Implemented enhanced error handling

Release 9.04

  • Provided an additional option when creating project from template to copy all due dates as setup in template.

Release 9.03

  • Added the ability for user to go to to the project list page when clicking on "My Projects"on the "My Dashboard "page
  • Fixed issue with staff not getting notified when a client uploads files
  • Fixed issue with resetting workflow dates
  • Removed the display of delete invoices on the client dashboard

Release 9.01

  • Added project workflow step column to project list on client dashboard

Release 9.00

  • Enhanced the user interface throughout the system
  • Dashboard is responsive to fit mobile devices
  • Change menu and navigation location
  • Added an enhanced and improved Corporate Dashboard
  • Added project breakdown graphics on dashboard
  • Added an enhanced and improved Staff Dashboard
  • Added an enhanced and improved Client Dashboard
  • Added a much more robust staff task tracking and reporting to allow management to see task allocations, performance, and project status throughout the practice
  • Ability to see at a glance who is over tasked and who is under performing
  • Added the ability to setup client template notes
  • Added the ability to notify selected staff when an internal note is added
  • Enhance email functionality and tracking
  • Added an enhanced notification and task lists to staff dashboard
  • Enhanced the project listing page, to show more details of each project, including status and workflow step
  • Added the ability to move a workflow forward and backwards on project list page
  • Added project priority tracking
  • Enhanced Project Type management in the admin module.  Consolidated all project type functionally for easier management
  • Add the ability to track checklists on projects
  • Added the ability for users to add a picture which is displayed on their profile and areas where they are involved
  • Added the ability to push global navigation.  Notifications can be pushed to staff, clients or both
  • Added the ability to have a default project name as part of a project template
  • Reduced the number of notification when a client uploads multiple files within a short period of time

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