V 10.0 Release Notes (2018)

V 10.0 Release Notes (2018)

Release 10.6

  • Overdue and upcoming Tasks are now sorted by date and displayed in reverse chronological order by default. The system now, allows user to sort the tasks by date and it automatically saves user’s last sort preference.
  • Enhanced the look and feel of Client Search screen so that user has same screen display in different browsers.
  • Resolved issue with notification counts on the notification screen and now matches the dashboard counts.
  • Updated the internal notes notify functionality to display only active users
  • Resolved issued with client file approval button on chrome browser
  • 2-Factor Authentication Enhancements: 
    1. Added the ability for users to provide a mobile number to receive 2nd factor code via SMS.
    2. System will send 2-Factor Authentication code via phone if user's phone number is registered with the application.
    3. Updated "My Account" functionality to allow users to change her/his phone number or email address. System will validate if user has entered a valid phone number or email.
    4. Fixed issue with Remember My Device so that user could avoid entering 2-Factor Authentication code every time he/she logs in
    5. Updated Event Emails functionality - Admin can now create a custom One Time Passcode (OTP) message for SMS message

Release 10.2

  • 2 Factor Authentication implemented for all users
  • Updated the login page look and functionality

Release 10.1

  • File upload enhanced throughout the site to provide the users the ability to upload files using drag and drop
  • Staff can now upload Engagement and Tax Assurance letters as templates to use for projects rather than to upload to each project each time
  • Engagement Letter templates can be uploaded in the Administration->Company-Engagement Letter menu
  • Worksheet files can now have unlimited file types and groups
  • Simplified worksheet file display to clients
  • The results in the Project Search screen are not paginated to display 25 projects at the time

Release 10.0

  • Enhanced the project search screen, so the “Active” tab is selected when a new search is done event if the user had selected a different tab during a previous search.
  • Enhanced the task lists and upcoming tasks on the "My Dashboard"  so that only the next task from each project is shown, rather than showing all tasks from a project.
  • Dismissed notifications can now be searched and paginated
  • On the “My Notification” Page, the default sort is now oldest to newest, but user can also click on any column to sort
  • Added a “Turn Around” time field on the project search.  This shows the estimated time needed for the project to complete based on the difference between the assigned date and the last workflow step due date.
  • Enhanced Project Admin functionality: 
    • Moved project templates into Project Type, so that templates associated with each project type shows up under that type
    • When an update is made to the Project Type Workflow Steps, the system will update the Workflow Templates that are associated with the project type.
    • If a step is added, deleted, order is changed, or if the email templates are updated, it will be reflected in the associated templates.
  • Enhanced Tabs and User Interface throughout the site
  • Admin tasks can now be performed at the client level as well as at the project level 
    • Added a new high level project status called “Not Started” – this is used primarily as a 1st step in a workflow to indicate that the project has not started.  It can be used in situations where the 1st step in the process requires the client response or file uploads before the project starts.
    • Also added a new tab in the project search list to group projects that have not been started.
    • Not Started project are not included in the calculations of numbers on the dashboard, except for the project by status.
  • Included Company Preferences Page under Company Administration 
    • Allow Clients to Create Projects
    • Show Project Admin Tasks Tab to Clients
    • Show Client Admin Tasks Tab to Clients
  • Enhanced Payment Gateway screen to verify credentials with Authorize.Net when the account information is entered or updated.
  • Enhanced Active user lookups throughout the site: 
    • Inactive users will show up in search filters, so that you can still search for projects
    • Inactive users will not show to select for new assignments
    • Inactive users will still show in assigned tasks if they were previously assigned
  • Help Icon on top right corner takes Company users to Clarity ticketing system to open a support ticket.  For Clients, the icon links to email address of the company support email.
  • Enhance Email capabilities, including: 
    • The ability to include HTML formatted emails
    • Management screen were enhanced to show emails in a grid
  • Added Email history tabs to client detail and project detail.  These show all emails sent out by the system or triggered by user action or through the workflow engine in the background.
  • Enhanced Questionnaire creation and updates, and provided a drag and drop ordering capability
  • Fixed bugs relating to workflow engine, Chrome browser, and others.
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