V 11.0 Release Notes (2019)

V 11.0 Release Notes (2019)

Release 11.4


  • Provided workflow functionality enhancement
  • Added the ability to track staff cost and charge rates
  • Enhanced payment and billing  pages in the site administration

Release 11.0

Multi-Factor Enhancement:
  • A firm can now update a client record to include a phone number for multi-factor authentication
Time Tracking: 
  • Added the functionality to track time on a project
  • A firm can turn on project time tracking in the Administration-> Company Preferences
  • Project Time can be track in two ways: 
    1. Auto Tracking: System will automatically start a time each time a staff member is on a project.
    2. Manual Tracking: Staff will have to record hours similar to timesheet system
  • A firm can select a number of preferences regarding the functionality: 
    1. Required Comments: Turning this option on, will require that a staff member provide comments to any manual time tracking entries. 
    2. Required Change Reason:  Turing this option, will require a staff member to enter a reason if they change a previously recorded time entry, whether it was manually or automatically recorded
    3. Minimum Threshold: This option allows a firm to determine what is the minimum amount of time will have to pass on a project detail screen before the time is actually recorded on the project.
    4. Time Rounding: Allow a firm to set how time is rounded when recorded automatically  on a project
  • Staff can edit the time they spent on a project manually and provide a reason for such change.
  • Staff can view their monthly timesheet.
  • Management can view time tracking for all the employees.
  • Add Staff Timesheet report, where manager can view a staff member timesheet
Project Cost Tracking:
  • Added the functionality to track project cost for a project
  • A firm can add the Employee Cost and the Billing Rates for an employee which is then used to calculate cost and billing
  • A firm can set up the Employee Cost and Billing Rates for future dates for an employee
  • A firm can edit the time range for Employee Cost and Billing Cost
Session Timeout Enhancements:
  • A firm can now setup a session timeout (20 minutes to 120 minutes) for system after which the user will be log out due to inactivity.
  • Company can setup a grace period for user (1 minute to 5 minutes) to respond to the inactivity and have the option to keep the session alive
  • System will display a message and show the time left before logging out. Users will have the ability to continue the session if they want to continue.
  • If system logs out due to inactivity, it will save the time that was spent on a project before logging out
Calendar View For Tasks:
  • Workflow Tasks are now displayed in a calendar view
  • A calendar icon is provided on dashboard under Workflow Tasks for easy access.
  • User can navigate from one month to another.
  • The tasks are color coded based on project status on calendar for better visualization.
  • Fixed the project search screen where some filters were causing the search to crash the site
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