V 12.0 Release Notes (2020)

V 12.0 Release Notes (2020)

Release 12.5

Release date: 9/12/2020

  1. Provide the firm the ability to change, add, and delete high level project status
  2. Enhanced both public notes and internal notes to include formatting 
  3. Enhanced notes display area and included user picture
  4. Added the ability to see the list of client records client users have access to
  1. Removed preparer name from list of notifications on the client portal
  2. Corrected header titles on the invoice file list
  3. Fixed a defect where the clicking on another tab in the project detail and then returning to the project info tab causes an error
  4. Fixed issue with progress bar on project search screen.  When user tries to change the workflow step on a project workflow popup on project search result, the change was not reflected on the progress bar
  5. Fixed screen refresh when the auto time tracking switch on the administration company preference screen was selected
  6. Fixed upload issue on the worksheet and engagement letter upload screen in the administration module
  7. Fixed the link on the signed agreement version listed on the company subscription.  The link now shows a pop up window with the text of the agreement that was signed
  8. Fixed an issue where a client updating their email address resets their 2 factor phone number

Release 12.2

Release date: 2/6/2020

Client Portal
  1. Clients now get a notification when a new project is creating directing them to upload files
  1. Fixed an issue with Worksheet and engagement letter template file uploads in the admin module

Release 12.1

Release date: 1/25/2020

Recurring Project Capability :
  1. Added the ability to create the 1st project immediately after you create a recurring project schedule
  2. If creating a project immediately was chosen, then the user will be taken to the new project that was create when they save the schedule
Internal Files :
  1. In the project detail you can upload internal working files that are hidden from the client
  2. The internal files can be found on a new tab called "Internal Files"
  1. Removed recurring schedule on a project from the client side
  2. Fixed Engagement Letter template selection issue.  Previously you can select a template once.
  3. Removed a 2nd notification to the client when an invoice is uploaded
  4. Removed a notification to the client's dashboard when a client uploads their own file(s)
  5. Fixed the issue with invoice payment button on the client record

Release 12.0

Release date: 1/3/2020

Recurring Project Capability :
  • Users can now schedule recurring projects from:
  • Recurring projects can be scheduled for a frequency of weeks, months, years, and semi-monthly.
  • Added a search screen to search for and manage recurring project schedules
  • Added Open Invoices Report:  This report allows user to see all open invoices in the system
  • Added the ability for staff to mark an invoice as paid for cases the client did not pay for an invoice through Clarity
Mass Email Enhancements
  • Enhanced the scheduling of mass email
Improved Workflow Engine
  1. Improved workflow reminder emails processing 
  2. Improved questionnaire reminder email  processing 
  3. Improved file management  processing 
  4. Improved mass email  processing 
  1. Added project billing report 
  2. Added invoice aging report
Additional Enhancements
  1. Added confirmation messages for deleting invoices and files

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