V 13.0 Release Notes (2021)

V 13.0 Release Notes (2021)

Release 13.52

Release date: 2/27/2021

  1. Resolved issue with multiple file download.  This issue was occurring when trying to download multiple files at once where and the system errors out indicated that one of the file is now found.

Release 13.5

Release date: 2/21/2021

  1. Resolved issue with e-signature fields not sticking on an e-signature document.
  2. Replace special charters in e-signature file names, so that charters like commas are replaced.  Having commas in the file name was causing download issues.
  3. Resolved issue with recurring projects where the 1st workflow step due date was being miscalculated.

Release 13.4

Release date: 2/15/2021

  1. Added project create date column to the project search result.  This field is added to active and not started tabs.
  2. When a user updates a workflow step due date, the user now has the option to auto update subsequent steps based on the workflow steps as defined in the project type.
  3. Resolved issue with manual time entry in time tracking.

Release 13.3

Release date: 1/26/2021

  1. Updated e-signature capability to better manage requested fields on the PDF file.
  2. Added a new field in Company profile to use for the From email address.  This field is to include a name only not an email address, but will be displayed to all recipients.  The default value is automatically set to company short name, but can be changed.
  3. Enhance Timesheets to take into account time zone of the user and/or company.
  4. Fixed an issue with engagement letter received toggle switch where it does not save after leaving the engagement letter tab
  5. Fixed an issue with the notifications not going out when selecting an engagement letter from engagement letter templates
  6. Fixed an issue with admin tasks done date being automatically entered as soon as a task is selected.

Release 13.2

Release date: 1/15/2021

  1. Updated email security authentication to use new API from SendGrid.
  2. Enhanced dismissed notification functionality
  3. Fixed issue with dashboard workflow calendar not showing all tasks

Release 13.1

Release date: 12/10/2020

  1. Administration module, when adding an admin task, the user was required to enter grace period and reminder period whether they chose to have a reminder email or not.  This has been changed to allow the user to leave the values blank if a reminder email is not chosen.
  2. If a recurring project is set to use a template and the template does not have users assigned to the tasks, the project does not get created on schedule.  This has been changed to allow the project to get created even if the tasks do not have assignments.
  3. Dismissed Notification search screen was not showing the full result.  This has been fixed to show the full list of dismissed notifications.
  4. Workflow Tasks calendar view was not showing tasks.  This has been fixed to show all workflow items assigned to a user.

Release 13.0

Release date: 11/21/2020

  • Enhanced Recurring Project user interface to accept the Project Due date and Expected Delivery dates for Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly and Yearly
  • Changed editor for notes and internal notes. Previous editor had issues with pasting large content
  • Added Multi-Factor Phone Number field on Create New User for Client User Accounts
  • Added functionality to Delete Multi-Factor Phone number
  • Added the ability for a firm to set a specific time zone
  • Added the ability for a user to set a different time zone from the firm's time zone.  If a user does not choose a time zone, the firm's time zone is used
  • New E-signature Feature is added to Clarity Practice Management
    • The staff can designate client users as authorized signers
    • The administrator can designate staff users as authorized firm signers
    • Added e-Sign tabs under client and projects for e-signature documents
    • The staff will have ability to upload document(s) and request a client and/or staff to sign the uploaded document(s)  
    • Once a document is uploaded, the window will show the PDF document and allow the staff to prepare and send the document for signature
    • The PDF document will consist the list of authorized Client signer and authorized Staff signer to add them to the document
    • The Staff can drag and drop various fields including signature, signer name, client name, date signed, and text field on the document for the signer to fill in
    • When done preparing the document for signature the staff user can send the document for signature
    • All designated signers will get notifications in their dashboard and email to notify each Client user about the document waiting for them to sign
    • The Client user and Staff user can view, reject, or sign the document under the E-sign tab
    • Once the Client opens the document the PDF view will indicate where to sign the document, then click Approve on the viewer to complete the e-signing
    • Notification will be sent back to requester and preparer that the document is signed by all users
  • Fixed an issue to exclude deleted invoices from client view
  • Fixed an issue to exclude deleted invoices from AR report
  • Fixed issue with Zero balance Invoices showing on Aging Report
  • Fixed defect in Invoices were the remaining balance was rounding up causing issue to change the status to Paid when it was not fully paid
  • Fixed issue with Note templates not working for Client Public Notes

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