Time Tracking

Time Tracking

With Clarity you can track time spent on each project and create staff time sheets. 

To begin with time tracking you will need to make sure that time tracking is turned on in your company preferences.  - See how to turn on time tracking

Once time tracking is turned on you can:

  1. Automatically track time
  2. Manually track time
  3. View my time sheet
  4. View a project time tracking - Note: Billing rates is only available to Management or System Admin Role only
  5. View staff time sheet-Management or System Admin Role only
  6. Run project time tracking report  - Management or System Admin Role only

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      To see a project time tracking with billings, you must have management or system admin roles.  If you don't have one of those roles, you can only see time tracking information without the billing information.  To Access the project time tracking, ...
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      To turn on time tracking for your firm, go to Company Preference: In company preferences, go to the Time Tracking preferences section: To turn on the tracking for your firm, click on the "Time tracking" switch to set it to   Next decide on the the ...
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